Thursday, 6 October 2016

Moved Domains

We have moved! Our new website is now

After being confined within the limits of a free blogspot blog, we have finally moved to a personal domain. Our website has now been revamped a bit and neatened up.
All products are still the same. Hopefully more to be added soon.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Change of Ownership

South African Homeschool Suppliers was started by Lucille Erwee in 2011, at the age of 13, with a temporary financial loan from her mother and a little bit of guidance and supervision in the first few months.

For the past 5 years she has served the South African homeschooling community as well as a couple of schools who have placed orders for workbooks with her. She has attended a number of homeschooling expos and info days in both Cape Town and Hermanus.

Having completed her matric equivalent in 2015, Lucille is planning to go and work abroad in the near future and has therefore decided to hand this business over to her brother, Jonathan.

Jonathan has also been homeschooled all his life and is currently age 16 and will be writing the GED later this year.
He has taken over from Lucille as of July 2016 and will be handling all enquiries and orders from now on.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

We are now the South African agents for 

Find out how you can get 450 dramatised Bible stories for just R450.00


Friday, 9 September 2011

Tried and tested products for your convenience

Having been homeschooling since 1997 - thats about 17 years - we have tried and tested a variety of homeschooling curricula and resources and found some that work fantastically well for us and others that worked, but were not quite to our liking for some or other reason.

When it came to materials for learning Afrikaans as a second language, there were no products at all designed specifically for the homeschool scenario, so by trial and error we have gone through a range of about 10 different Afrikaans workbooks and text books.

Unfortunately, many of these were so geared to the typical South African classroom scenario, requiring group work or other forms of classroom interaction, that they were a total flop in our homeschool and are now collecting dust!

Thankfully, we HAVE found a variety of Afrikaans products that have worked very well for us and also for other homeschooling families that have used them, and to make sourcing them easy, we decided to start this business, South African Homeschool Suppliers.

We have also listed products for other subjects that we recommend in the bottom of the left-hand column of this page: products for Phonics, Art Appreciation, Art, Geography, Social Studies, Latin ...and more.